Time stops for no one

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DSCF1459, originally uploaded by jogger164.

fed him. Run or no run? Run I decided. Headed out and man was it hard sweaty work. 7 miles later saw me running back up the lane.

Today has been spent preparing for next weeks holiday, sorting out car stuff, money stuff, looking at HUGE spiders, cleaning the house and liberating the rabbit. We have moved Tabs to a corner of the garden and added an extra run at the front of her home (she has always had a big one at the back…no double entendres intended). The plan is to allow her to free range the garden in a few months time 😀

After that I cleaned the kitchen and made pizza dough for the girls, just cooked it for them and it smells nice – I’m off food at the moment, gotta love a cold.

See ya all soon.

October total = 58miles


~ by joggerblogger on October 13, 2007.

5 Responses to “Time stops for no one”

  1. Even with a cold I wouldn’t go off pizza, you must be really really ill, hope you get better soon 🙂

  2. I agree with jogblog. Pizza is good for everything.

    Not sure how you survive on rice cakes and not eating. ??

    Have fun packing. Don’t forget the rain ponchos, costumes, and MNSSHP tix. 😉

  3. 😛

    no rain ponchos for us – if you’ve been to a UK theme park in October and ridden a water ride you can handle anything.

    Costumes finished, tickets packed – Can’t wait – last years was ace, and this year we are staying on site.

    We are going as the Corpse bride (small person), dead tink (mum) and zombie jack (me).

  4. If you like rain that much, you would’ve loved the downpour Rae and I got while we hid in the Mexico pavilion. 🙂

  5. Yeah down pour!!!! What day are you going to NSSHP? Yeah we have been tiding up and we got the suit cases out and getting ready.

    But it was still fun even though it was raining. 😉

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