Back again…

Hi back online 😀 busy busy bust for a change.

London was ok, sorry JB didn’t see your comment until last night. Next time I’m down we will have to go out for a cheeky pint with the bear.

Public transport is pants! the train home was a sham! 2 coaches stood up nearly all the way home, which I wouldn’t mind but when the tickets cost more than a £100 I think it’s a rip off!

I will have to catch up with everyones blogs asap.

This time next week we will be on the way to the airport (fingers crossed) Really looking forward to the holiday big time! and meeting up for the TOWER OF TERROR.

Jinx has found himself a new toy (see the video).

Hope everyone is keeping well and all the feet/ankles/legs are getting better.

October total = 46 miles


~ by joggerblogger on October 10, 2007.

8 Responses to “Back again…”

  1. Hi there and I do not know how to convert your money to know how much that is.
    I am so excited!!!!Are you going to be riding in on the Magical express next week??

  2. Over $200 for a return ticket…

    No we fly in to Sanford Int, we will get a transfer bus from there 🙂

    Then it’s straight to bed (we should be in the hotel around 9.00pm) then up early and on Mission Space.

  3. Welcome back, I won’t take it personally, the amount of times you’re in London and don’t look me up 🙂

  4. his co-ordination is getting better… ( jinx that is)

  5. I am so excited for you and your trip. 🙂

    I’m probably not going to be able to do the TOT 13K. I’m still hopeful but it doesn’t look good. The ankle really swelled up today. I think I re-pulled the tendon.

    But I am behaving and trying to stay off my feet and use the heating pad on it. If I can run or walk without further injury I will do it.

  6. How come you are not flying into OIA?? Sanford is so far away yet.
    That is a lot of money!!!!!!

  7. The people we are booked with only fly to sanford.

    Hope that you can make the TOT – will you still come down even if your ankle still hurts to say hi? Hope so.

  8. Ok JB the pictures are up from Epcot 25!!!!!!!

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