Running Bling

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Running Bling, originally uploaded by jogger164.

Race Report
First up – sorry to JogBlog that you didn’t make it up north for this years Robinhood 😦 and hope that you leg is getting better.

The race was fun, real fun 😀 We got in to Nottingham early and walked the 2 miles from the car park – Preston seemed amazed at the amount of times I need to visit the portaloos (advice don’t drink 2 pints of water before a race). But we soon found ourselves on the starting line with the other sub 1.30 runners – much to there delight when the racing gun went bang.

Then it was off at 10.05am, the weather was just right and they had re-routed the course from last year to take most of the hills in the first 5 miles – bonus!

We ran at Prestons pace, so that we could get the boy wonder around without stopping. And we did. The run must be my fav to date, everyone had lined the streets to shout us on and the weather had even arranged to blow the wind in the right direction up each hill.

The only downside to the race was when we thought it would be funny to jump on all the half drunken lucozade pouches to see who could get each other wettest (like 10 year olds I know) but I got shouted out for soaking a fellow runner (sorry) hehe!

We picked up some speed on the last 3 miles as people stopped to walk and managed to finish in 2.20 – a fantastic result for Preston given the furthest he has ever run was last weeks 6 miler.

We picked up the medal and goodies and head back for the 2 mile trek to the car.

All in all a great run 🙂

September Mileage Total = 76.7


~ by joggerblogger on September 16, 2007.

9 Responses to “Running Bling”

  1. Please tell Preston great job. From 6 to 13. That is really wonderful.

    And great job to you also. Love the medal. Makes me excited for the TOT race.

  2. Wait a minute.

    How did you get to 76.7? You were at 59? Are you sneaking in some extra miles? 😉

  3. It sounds like you had a great time.The medal looks great!Tell Preston great job!!!You ran the 1/2 M in the time it takes me to walk the 8.1 for t the 13k.I am so working real hard to gain some speed and time drop some time!!!!

  4. that’s a very nice looking medal 🙂 well done jb.

  5. Cheers all 🙂

    Kate – I’m counting the 4 miles walking from car to start and back again. I don’t normally count walking but I’m bagging them on this occasion 🙂

    PS Preston says “cheers”

  6. How did Preston go from 6 miles to 13? That is hardcore.

    Great run, see you next year, I’ll start training now 🙂

  7. Great job – sounds like a fabulous day. Think I’ll do this one enxt year too 🙂

  8. Well done to you both, sounds like a good one. How were Prestons legs at the end then as he doubled his previous training distance?

  9. JB – It’s all about who you run with 😉

    We went at a rate that Preston could easily do for 13.7 miles, and it worked 😀

    He still has sore legs.

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