Back blogging…

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Hi all, what a week :-/

Managed to total my car on the way to work Friday – not the greatest start to the day but at least everyone was ok. I have been busy sorting all the cr*p that goes along with that.

My ankle was still hurting loads Friday so I took it easy over the weekend (still put some miles in).

I will play catchup on everyones blogs when I get home tonight (going to be another late one) – hope everyone is keeping well and still out running for the September push.

Running =
Friday 1mile, Saturday 2 miles, Sunday 2 miles, Monday 3 miles and Tuesday 6 miles.

PS – Jinx comes home to live next week.

September Mileage Total = 49


~ by joggerblogger on September 11, 2007.

10 Responses to “Back blogging…”

  1. You total your car and hurt your foot and you’re still way ahead og me in the miles. 😦

    Great to have you back. I admit I was worried.

  2. Oh Noes!!!

    I’m glad you are ok though, keep jogging. How long until you visit the House of Mouse?

  3. Eep. :-/ Glad you were unhurt. xxx

  4. Not long until Disney 🙂 Not long until you crazy cats are wedded 😉

    Yeah the car looks sad 😦 i’ve had it for 10 years, it’s driveable but because it’s so old it’s going to be a write off (the front went splat).

    Kate – your one of the main reasons I keep running (gotta get them miles in) 😀

  5. sorry to hear about the car etc. jb. Hope the ankle improves soon. take it easy .

  6. Oi, don’t be having car crashes. Car crashes are bad 😦

    Glad you’re ok though 🙂

    What happened?

    Do you want a Robin Hood t-shirt? I have one I don’t need 🙂

  7. I hope the other car was a Bentley and it was all her/his fault, or was it your Bentley that got totaled?

  8. No the bentley was still in the garage thank goodness – it was only the jag that got hit 😉

  9. JB – Thanks for the offer 🙂 if you don’t want it that would be cool, but I’m a large, bet you’re a small.

  10. It is a small, but it’s not tiny, you could wear it tight, 70s stylee 🙂

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