I made it…

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DSCF0880, originally uploaded by jogger164.

The team day out was fun – rounders in the park and a picnic (the sun even shined)

Then came the evening/leaving do/drinks/cheesy club 😀 I had one or two cheeky drinks 😉 and ended up going to bed at 3.00am.

The alarm went off and up I got at 7.00am and went for a woozy 4 miles – then in to work.

Now we are packing al the crap we cleared out ready for tomorrows car boot fest.

Hope everyone is well and has a great weekend and if you are in the UK – have a fun banker!

August Mileage Total = 97


~ by joggerblogger on August 24, 2007.

7 Responses to “I made it…”

  1. You went out drinking ’til 3am and got up at 7 and did 4 miles? That is hardcore 🙂

  2. Or as everyone else told me – dumb.

    Glad I did though, I couldn’t face it now.

  3. Yes, I agree. Hardcore and dumb. 🙂

    Banker. Is that a bank holiday?

  4. Hey up JK47, hope all is well, certainly looks it although hardcore drinking and running isn’t the best combo mate! 😉

    All is ok here, I’m moving to York on Sunday to start my new job next week… Flash design/dev… good times! Going to hunt down a gym and get back into caining my body, I do miss it.

    Anyway, it’d been ages since I dropped by so thought I’d see how you’re getting on.

    Take care, stay healthy and speak soon. 😀

  5. Nice work J12 🙂 fingers crossed it goes well for ya.

    Ya! it’s a bank holiday Monday – kate have you got one in the US?

  6. hey jogger…. don’t forget you got tagged 🙂
    enjoy the banker and well done on the run after the night before…

  7. No Holiday until Labor Day in September. Do you have that one?

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