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London and back in a day for work and also time for a run… That’s what getting up a 5.30am will do for ya.

London is hassletastic – respect to everyone that still lives and works there – it’s just wrong. And note to myself always check that you have packed your ipod before going on another 6 hour trip… at least I had my DS.

As regards the train trip – boy! there was a Doctor that got on and spoke openly about people that he had seen that day and also lots of office politics – just a word to the wise if you go to Kettering hospital and went today for a chat about your 6 bottles of wine a day drink problem, your Dr was taking the p*ss out of you on the train to Leicester and you may want to sue the tw*t!

Running wise this week is going to stink – trips to London, a team day out and also my mates leaving do = late nights, alcohol and fuddle.

Hoping to get some running in tomorrow then a late nighter, Thursday will be a 5am finish…eeekkkk. I have got to pull some miles over the weekend to get back on track.

Jinx update 😀 great news we can have him come to stay soon – for about 3 weeks before we go on holiday then back to the breeders whilst we are away – the LP is going to POP!

August Mileage Total = 89


~ by joggerblogger on August 21, 2007.

3 Responses to “WOW!”

  1. That’ll be so nice for LP to have Jinx for awhile. Must be so hard for her to wait.

    Not worried about you and the miles. You always seem to find ways to get a run in.

    And you may be right about my shoes. Thanks for the advice.

  2. Hope the knees better soon – mine only hurt when my trainers are rubbish.

    It will be great to have the little chap home…

  3. Can you bring little Jinx to the pub with you when you come to London? 🙂

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