May the force be with you

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Day 123, originally uploaded by jogger164.

‘You will get square eyes if you watch too much TV’ – remember when your parents used to give you this warning when you were little. Well they were right! My eyes felt like they were going to pop yesterday after ‘StarWarsAthon’. We headed out over to our friends house and got there for 8.00am. Watched Episode 1 – no worries. But I have to confess we couldn’t do all 6 films in 1 go. By 8.30pm we had only watched 1,2,3 and 4. We threw the towel in, and decided that we would save Empire and Jedi for another session. All in all though it was a great day, the small person loved it.

There’s lots of little things that I hadn’t noticed before – like Anakin’s shadow that looked like Vader on the side of the house on tatooine – the deathstar plans spinning on the wall and the biggest one – that Anakin didn’t have a father but was formed from the force and metachlorines – cool.

Seeing as all I did was watch TV yesterday I got up a 6.30am this morning and went for a 10 mile run.

Now on with the Sunday chores…

August Mileage Total = 52


~ by joggerblogger on August 12, 2007.

3 Responses to “May the force be with you”

  1. My Sunday chores today consisted of making pizza 🙂

  2. yes chores ;( but someone has to do them.

  3. uhmmmm…. 10 miles run… wicked.

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