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Day 117, originally uploaded by jogger164.

Monday sure came around fast 😦

But on the plus side of things the weather seems to be sticking in ‘Warm’ mode. Lovely.

Managed to get some miles in as well – 6 in all. I think that’s going to be it for this month for my mileage, hoping to ramp up the training next month to get me in shape for the Robin Hood. I’m planning to put in 13 miles every Sunday so the final 1/2 marathon won’t be a shocker.

Lardathon™ Mileage Total = 108.5


~ by joggerblogger on July 30, 2007.

4 Responses to “Broooaaarrrrawwww”

  1. We were talking about Wookies today at work!

    In my geek social-circle, if someone yawns and it sounds a bit like a wookie noise, we all cry out: “I don’t know! Fly casual.”

    That sounds even sadder written than it does spoken!

  2. LOL 🙂

  3. What is that photo??

  4. My small persons Chewbacca the Wookie backpack 🙂

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