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…No running today 😦 no time for lunch and no time to run. Taking a holiday is way busy. The week before I left I had to work like a nutter because I was going away – now I’m back I have to catch up and work like a double nutter.

I will try and get up and spank a 10 miler before work tomorrow (TFIF).

Count down has really started bigtime in the Joggerblogger household for our next trip to Florida… I can’t wait! It’s going to rock.

Next week sees the start of Prestons big Trainathon month – He has got to get his butt in gear only 5 weeks to the Robin Hood. How’s the knee JogBlog? hope you can run with us 🙂


~ by joggerblogger on July 26, 2007.

9 Responses to “Sorry…”

  1. Is it only five weeks away? I’ve got no chance of making it. I couldn’t even run for the bus today 😦

  2. Thanks for the chicken advice i think the wife is serious though she’s been looking at wire mesh and wood things on the internet for them eeek!

  3. I think it’s about 5-6 weeks 😦

    Mr Hill – the chickens are fun – but be warned at this time of year even if their coop is 100% light proof the bugger know it’s morning at 4.30am and will wake you up.

    On the plus side – all slugs will be gone, and the eggs are lush.

    Breeders pellets and corn don’t come cheap for them either…

  4. I hope we’re not going to be hearing any chicken-murdering stories on your blogs 😦

  5. not from me – one of ours died and the other was so lonely we took her to a chicken sanctuary 🙂 we still visit.

  6. I’m excited about the October trip too. As for my surprise…I’m going down there early so that I can be sure to get there in time for the package pick-up on Saturday and because I want to do another Imagineer dinner on Thursday night. [These dinners are the BEST.]

    So I’ll take the train Wed. night, do the Imagineer dinner Thurs. night, Friday I do the Backstage Magic Tour (7 hours) and Saturday morning I do the Keys to the Kingdom Tour.

    Randall, Aidan & Grandma will get there sometime Sat. afternoon and we’ll all meet up then. 🙂

  7. Sounds like a fun time… we get to Florida Thursday night (18th Oct) but we won’t be up to much (it takes about 17 hours all in all).

    Saturday 20th – Mgm – dinner and fantasmic Hollywood and Vine.

    Monday 22nd – Breakfast at Magic kingdom Crystal Palace.

    Tuesday 23rd – MNSH 🙂

    and more… can’t wait

  8. Yeah, I don’t get there until 10/25. 😦 But I have so much planned for my few days alone that I’m very excited about it. Marathon touring 🙂

    Still don’t have the costumes worked out.

  9. I can’t wait either.we are thinking about getting there on Thursday,but not sure if the job will let me waiting to hear,but for sure the Friday before and MNSSHP on friday evening.(26th}.So you are doing the Robin Hood?

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