Lardathon™ 10

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Well we got some sun today so as I left the house this morning I took the opportunity to take a snap of the above plant.

Another really stupid busy day at work 😦 But I managed to put in 4 miles today…

Come on the weekend!

Food today = Rice cakes, dinner soon.
Lardathon™ Mileage Total = 29


~ by joggerblogger on July 10, 2007.

8 Responses to “Lardathon™ 10”

  1. I still need to run today. It’s 86 and it looks like rain. 😐

    Oh, and it’s no so good to wish your life away. Why not try to find something fun/funny in the work day. What about Preston? Doesn’t he help?

  2. 🙂 Coming home is the high point at the moment… Preston is on holiday.

    It’s just been one of them days.

    Sounds hot over there at the moment.

    Are you doing the 13K in October at the TOT or the other one? Hope you’re doing the 13K 🙂

  3. TOT 13K. But I better get in shape for it.

    Just ordered some new shoes (NB). 🙂

  4. Nice one – are we going to run together? I need some new shoes – mine have done about 500-600 miles.

  5. In my new shoes? I don’t think we can both fit.

    But seriously, that would be great. But you’ll feel like a snail at 12 minute miles. BTW, no taking pictures of me getting scared to death by whatever they have planned on the trail and then posting them on your blog. :-}

  6. See I am not the only one getting inspired by you. I read Kate’s blog and she ran 6 mile only because of you……

    So draw a halo around you and put a saintly smile on your face coz your an inspiration… lol!!

  7. Sun? We had hailstones and tornadoes on Monday in East London, it was in the news and everything 🙂

  8. oh dear – rice cakes – you’re taking this seriously 😦

    I’m sure they don’t have that many more calories than banoffee pie?

    *looks hopeful*

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