Juneathon™ Day 21

Update – 11pm and just got in from London… tired, managed to walk around 4 mile 🙂

Look at me – 2 days and no sleep… ERROR.

I haven’t even managed a nap today/last night. My wrist is bl**dy killing me, it has spread to the otherside and into my hand. I have just got back from the hospital – all they could give me were some pain killers but not even the strongones (as it’s the middle of the night don’t you know).

I can go back this morning for some stronger onesif I want – but seeing as I’m going to be in Canary Wharf at 11, I can’t see me getting to the hospital.

There’s no way that I can run today – just walking makes me want to cry… so i’ll strap on a pedometre and count my steps.

Juneathon™ Mileage Total = 102


~ by joggerblogger on June 21, 2007.

6 Responses to “Juneathon™ Day 21”

  1. eeks.. thats too much of suffering happening…. rest yourself as much as possible. Wishing you a painless day ahead

  2. Poor joggerblogger 😦

    Drink more red wine to ease the pain 🙂

  3. WoW just rest!!!!Take care.

  4. this is terrible…
    hope its better soon… 😦

  5. Yep lots of red wine. Have a Magnum double caramel ice cream thing.

  6. Sounds like you’re not having much fun. Hopin’ for a speedy recovery.

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