Juneathon™ Day 14

Nearly half way there 🙂

Don’t faint Preston came out for a run with me today (he has been running on his own though) – we slapped another 4 miles in the face of flab.

I have just got back from school, yes school. It was parents evening. LOL! we had to sit on little seats in front of the teacher… schools smell.

Anyways – hope your all keeping well, off for a training wine.

Juneathon™ Mileage Total = 60


~ by joggerblogger on June 14, 2007.

3 Responses to “Juneathon™ Day 14”

  1. Training wine??

    Cathy – why didn’t you tell me about this??


    Well done on getting out there! I did a course at a primary school once and had to use their hand basins that were pretty much at knee height for me!

  2. Yeah I’m getting a head start on the Drink A Bitathon 😉

  3. I’m so glad you’re up to the Goofy. You’re right. It is a full marathon and more. Like a 1/2M more. It’s the combination of the half-marathon on Saturday with a bit of a chaser of a full marathon on Sunday. I don’t really know anyone else crazy enough to try it. But you do get some great medals – a donald for the half, a mickey for the full, and a goofy for doing both. The 2008 Goofy sold out a long time ago. Still want to fly over here for a go at it? 😉

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