Juneathon™ Day 6

Can it be day six already? It’s flying past. I feel rough as a badger today; I think I must have swallowed some sand paper yesterday.

But not being one to buckle under pressure a run HAD to be done and don’t faint Preston came out for a run 😀 The weather didn’t let us down – very sunny and hot. We managed a fly ridden 4 miles.

Preston says that he has been running and did one last night; I’m not sure. I think we will need to strap him to the lie detector sometime soon.

Hope everyone else is still enjoying the daily activities 😀


~ by joggerblogger on June 6, 2007.

4 Responses to “Juneathon™ Day 6”

  1. Methinks Preston tells fibs.

  2. A lot of ’em

  3. Well done for getting out there feeling rough

    Believe you me I know how *that* feels. I blame JogBlog for taking this finely honed athlete and pumping me full of alkyhol 😉

  4. Running or not…Preston did inspire this Juneathon and it was a brilliant idea joggerblogger. Been enjoying it lots. 🙂

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