Just in…

From swimming and my spuds in the oven – had a quick thought and whilst it is still fresh thought I’d best put it down in words.

1 June 2007 sees the start of a run a day month for us up north.

Preston has decided that he needs to get fit and quick, for his upcoming holiday in July and reckons he can do it if he runs just once everyday. So to help keep him motivated I said that I’d do the same. I’ll not run with him at the weekend’s just keep my usual long runs to myself (I’m selfish like that – need some time to sort out my mixed up head).

So if anyone else out there in Blogland wants to join in the run a day feel free – and we can all see how many miles we can out in between us in a month.


~ by joggerblogger on May 29, 2007.

4 Responses to “Just in…”

  1. Wow. I’d have to run each day of my vacation to do it. Does running from one Adventureland to Tomorrowland count?

  2. Thats a lot.I will walk it,and work back up to running.Will that count?

  3. Oh no, sounds like a challenge to me! I’m in 🙂

    But can I be let off days before races please? I have two races in June.

    And does the treadmill count? I might have to do a mile or two in the gym instead of the road.

  4. I’ve been banned from actual running due to suckeeeee ankle injury. Any chance I can do some exercise every day for June … swimming, elliptical, yoga, hill walking. Can I, can I … please?

    Anything to make these horrid weeks without running worth it.

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