Catching up with my blogs…

No running today – we had a family and friends trip to Warwick castle.

An amazing time was had by all – the rain and sub zero temps didn’t beat us and we all enjoyed the day soooooooo much 😀

The above photo was taken by my daughter – she rocks at taking pictures – don’t believe me take a look at the evidence over on flickr – all these were taken by her today – Cool Beans.


~ by joggerblogger on May 28, 2007.

4 Responses to “Catching up with my blogs…”

  1. Did you take part in the Jousting & Jester Academy? It looks like fun.

    The catle looks very interesting and I loved your little one’s pictures.

  2. Oooh! A castle – sounds like fun! Btw – I like Star Wars, too. And Star Trek, for that matter (perhaps because there’s no intelligent life down here???)


  3. Yeup we did the Jousting and Jester Academy 🙂 it was fun – I can now use a juggling diabolo.

    The castle waas fun – apart from it was cold than a penguins bum.

    Hi Un-Runner 🙂 Star wars was great.

  4. Can’t imagine actually living in one of those castles and being cold and damp all the time.

    It’s been quite warm and dry here. We could really use some rain if you have a bit to spare.

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