It may be 30 years old…

But it’s still looking good 🙂

Saturday and a cheeky late start – 7.45am the little person alarm clock went off 2 hours later than normal thank goodness.

No running today – I’m going to do a 13 miler hopefully tomorrow, I’ve got to start putting some longer runs in before my 25 mile jogging commute to work… thanks jogblog for reminding everyone that I said that I’d do it 😉

Not much to report apart from the normal Saturday routine – Ice skating lesson for the small one then an hour family skate.

Garden chores….

And now for the GREAT NEWS. My daughter has never voiced an interest in Star Wars – and to be truthful I only like the original ones (apart from the last new one). That changed last week at the car boot sale she picked some Star Wars books up and really enjoyed them (much to the disappointment of the geek behind her trying to use the force to let him buy them). So today we have watched all of them – well we are on Return of the Jedi as I type. And she loves them 🙂 I can see us taking a lot longer at the Tatooine Traders this October. I had forgotten how great Star Wars is… Especially through the eyes of a young one.

PS – if you are a Star Wars fan visit BBC radio 2 and listen to the 2 programmes that celebrate the 30 years of Star Wars (Traffic jams are good for some things).


~ by joggerblogger on May 26, 2007.

One Response to “It may be 30 years old…”

  1. You know you’re looking forward to your running commute, especially the getting up at 4 in the morning bit 🙂

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