Not much to take a quick picture of tonight – so I grabbed the funsized persons pencil sharpner and took one.

Run wise – 4 miles today 🙂 hot and wet, not a great combo.


~ by joggerblogger on May 17, 2007.

5 Responses to “Tink!”

  1. You’re lucky at least you have warmth. It’s been freezing here all week, or it could just be me, I have my heater on at work while my boss has his air conditioning on 🙂

    It’s been cr&p weather for about two weeks now 😦

  2. 😦 it’s warm up north (that can’t be right).

    Did you manage to book a hotel yet? looking forward to the RobinHood…

  3. No, I didn’t book a hotel yet, thought I’d try and get one nearer than a mile. Don’t want to overdo it before I get to the start line 🙂

    The other one I looked at (one of the ones you sent me) said it was on a busy road, I’m going to have enough trouble sleeping as it is!

  4. LOL – all of them are on a busy road, it’s Nottingham city, I’m sure you will cope with the sounds coming from down south 😉

  5. Cool picture,Happy Thursday!!!

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