Fly tipping

I could have done with the amazing fly tipper this lunchtime – there were flies everywhere YUK! I lost count of how many I must have eaten…

I did 4 miles.


~ by joggerblogger on May 15, 2007.

5 Responses to “Fly tipping”

  1. Lunch n’ Go sounds like. Were they tasty? Never tried ’em myself. I’m still having trouble drinking water and running at the same time. Keeps sloshing around and getting my clothes wet.

  2. Yeah they are minging to eat… I’m bad when it comes to drinking, I never take one out with me. I really can’t handle carrying a bottle around (and our weather isn’t as hot as yours).

  3. Ahhh, that would give me a bit of an advantage over you in the TOT 13K. You must be prepared for hot or cold down in Florida at that time. Also true if you make the 2009 1/2M. And we also have all that lovely humidity. It can really slow you down, especially if you’re not used to it. You’ll need to learn to drink and run for those probably.

  4. Yes I agree with Kate on this.Lots of h2o,to stay hydrated.8 8oz of h2o a day will help the body from dehydrating so fast,specially here in sunny HOT Florida!!!!! GOOD work !!! The flies are an extra bits of protein!!

  5. I drink 2-3 litres a day of plain water and lots of tea 🙂

    I’ll have to get used to the heat and drinking… saying that last years robin hood 1/2 marathon was really hot, one of the hottest days of the year – Really hard work.

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