Great Experiments in running (Day 62)

Preston and I took advantage of the break in deluge and headed out for a jog around the urban sprawl that we call home for 5 days a week.

Even though we both love running so much we pondered if it was possible to actually make it more fun.

Backwards running was ok, but being the pioneering mavericks that we are we needed to push the boundaries of what is seen as socially acceptable for public joggers. By the end of our four miles we retired back to the studio smug with the success of our scientific lunchtime achievement.

If you fancy cheering up a bland run try one of the following experiments – but be warned these have only been used in a controlled outdoor environment not in an enclosed lab on a treadmill.

Experiment 1:
Run/Jog whilst moving your arms like a steam train – in a circular clockwise motion at your sides.

Experiment 2:
Run/Jog whilst moving your arms as above but faster than your legs – increase speed until all pedestrians stare and point.

Experiment 3:
Repeat experiment 2 but in an anticlockwise motion.

Experiment 4 (and our final one for today):
Run/Jog as above whilst moving one arm anticlockwise and the other clockwise.


Footnote: For a cheeky twist on the above experiments running crouched low down and applying any of the above arm movement’s members of the public are automatically drawn into acknowledging your tests.

PS – would anyone like to see video footage?


~ by joggerblogger on May 14, 2007.

5 Responses to “Great Experiments in running (Day 62)”

  1. LOL on experiment 3.

    Don’t think I’m coordinated enough for experiment 4.

    And yes, please, would love to see the footage.

    (studio? hmmmm)

  2. I say studio – I mean agency 😉

  3. Yeah, ok. Agency. uh-huh.

    By the way…I really like that picture. 🙂

  4. Experiment 4 is surely impossible. Evidence required!

  5. haha that’s funny! i can’t even move one arm clockwise and the other counter…i’m sure i would look like a crazy person!

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