Day 56 (Not so scary 2007 tickets)

Yah! work today :-/

Had a really busy day at work so it flew past. I managed to sneak out for a cheeky lunchtime run/swim combo. I got a mile in to the run and the sunshine vanished the wind got up and a huge downpour hit me smack on the head (hence the swim… cross country swimming is the hardest outdoor sport). I got that wet my iPod headphones refused to stay in – so I had to finish the 4 miles sans tunes.

Got home via the Tuesday night swim training (the small persons not mine… wished it was).

A big envelope was waiting for me, I ripped it open to find the above bad boys 😀 trick or treat anyone? it’s our Not So Scary Halloween tickets for WDW 🙂 SWEET.


~ by joggerblogger on May 8, 2007.

5 Responses to “Day 56 (Not so scary 2007 tickets)”

  1. I love running, but I am not dedicated enough to run 3 miles in the rain. Although I’d prefer rain to a cold wind. I admire you.

    Got my tix to MNSSHP too. But my favs are the picture of Mickey, Goofy and Donald in the teacup. Did you get that one?

    So now to figure out the costumes for the evening….

    – Kate

  2. That’s great that you got your tickets!! I like the light misty rain to be out in,I don’t know if I could be out in a down pour.Cheers to you! Costumes any one??


  3. oh i am jealous i want to go to Disney World! now that I am done with my schooling, i just may hop down there and enjoy life before I have to get a “real” job 😦
    it’s nice to be back blogging…i missed being able to read all the awesome blogs!

  4. Disney World’s got nothing on the fair in the park at the bottom of my road. E17’s where it’s at 🙂

  5. That fair looks something else 😉

    Molly I don’t blame you on getting a slice of life before you get a real life and it’s good to have you back blogging.

    Kate and rae – I think I’ll go as Jack Sparrow again like I did last year…


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