Day 37

Off to the beach again 😀 this time the weather was ace! I even stayed out of trouble by leaving the chickens at home 😉

Funny seaside toilet story… I was busting to go for a wee but there only seemed to be one toilet the other end of the beach, and seeing how I had spent an hour watching the small person playing the 2p machines I neeeedddeeeedd to go ASAP.

Hiding at the back of the arcade there was a disabled toilet,after another half an hour it seemed very inviting… I decided that I wasn’t too proud to use it and walked past all the pensioners playing Bingo and swung the door open. SCREAMMMMMMM!!!!

There was a 16-17 year old girl sat down doing what you do in the toilet… LOL! I don’t think anyone had told her that you should lock the door before dropping your kegs!

It made the old’s laugh out loud though 🙂

No running today, going to do a 13 miler tomorrow if I can drag myself out of bed early enough… trying to move my long run to either Friday or Saturday as Sunday’s are killing me.


~ by joggerblogger on April 19, 2007.

2 Responses to “Day 37”

  1. man – you might end up on that list if you can on like that!!!

    Remember my experience on the train, when I got caught on the shitter!! ahhhhhh nightmare

  2. There was a story on the news last night about a hairy toilet nonce on the loose at the seaside…

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