Back on track.

What a few days I’ve had.

London was fun – apart from working like a nutter on the Wednesday, rushing to the hotel, cramming in to an already overfull tube carriage that broke down (at this point I was questioning why I had my winter coat on..sweat, sweat, sweat – then I remembered that I had left home at 6am when it was cold).

When I got to the hotel (which was very, very nice) I had 5 minutes to have a shower, iron my shirt and get suited.

I Rushed out with one of the guys from work and headed off down Park lane to find the ball room at the Dorchester. We went in the door down the stairs and realised we had came to the wrong gig – not a design awards but the Muslim Journalism awards. Making a swift exit stage right we finally found the right venue.

My Mum was right – the ball room is very nice (she used to go dancing there when she was a teenager) the only thing that was odd was a cage suspended from the ceiling full of stuffed birds (at this point I wished I had taken my camera).

2 glasses of champagne later I remembered that I hadn’t eaten all day, but fear not I still managed at least another bottle or 2 of house white (it would have been rude not too it was free after all).

The awards where a good laugh, met some cool people who encouraged me to drink more and then went on for some more drinks elsewhere. Got back to the hotel at 3.30am feeling great. That feeling didn’t last long though, I had to get up 3 hours later to catch my train back up to work.

How comes when you have a hangover, work is never easy – had loads on but made it! Six o’clock soon came round and signalled the start of a long weekend.

Got up this morning and did a 6 miler. Hope everyone has a smashing bank holiday 😀


~ by joggerblogger on April 6, 2007.

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