Did a little cheeky 4 miles on my own today. It was a good run, did 4 – 1 mile laps so the speed was high (well for me) and it has to be the first time in a while that I haven’t been worrying about my foot.

I have found another race to enter, and I’m well, well, well excited about it! (yes enough to use an exclamation mark). Rumour has it that there is going to be a race at Disney (WDW Florida) this Halloween. Cool. It’s going to be a Mousetastic 13K that’s set to start at MGM studios at around 9pm – bring it on 😀 that falls smack bang on our trip to Florida. I really hope this race happens.

I’m not running tomorrow – I’m off down the smoke to an awards bash (even had to hire a tux). One of my illustrations (and design work) being used in a UK campaign has been short listed, so I’m going down for some free beer and food and hopefully pick up an award 🙂


~ by joggerblogger on April 3, 2007.

2 Responses to “Monster…”

  1. Disney race in Florida? Exciting!

    You’re shortlisted for a design award? Exciting!

    You’re getting free food and beer? You jammy git 🙂

  2. Disney land and award bashes! your the most famous type of person i know. I hope you win and remember us in your speech 🙂

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