Lunar eclipse 1

Here’s my best picture from the lunar eclipse 😀 – another more standard style can be found over at flickr.

Today’s lunchtime run was cool in more ways than one. I did a swift 4 miles, and it felt easy. But it was cooler than I had thought it would be… well windy and wet, and I had no jacket – tshirt and shorts brrrrr!

Ps – Our bargain hunt was on today, My Mum texted me to tell me that she had got it on video 😀


~ by joggerblogger on March 5, 2007.

4 Responses to “Lunar eclipse 1”

  1. Waaaa, why didn’t you say your bargain hunt was on today? I wanna see it!

    Is it repeated?

  2. Didn’t know until the last minute…
    How’s it going with the joggerman? did you give him a ring?

  3. It looks like a sperm! :-O

  4. Moon sperm 😀

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