Running video

After reading the “Big Bum Running” post over on warriorwomen I have been wondering how I land my feet when I run. So with 2 miles to make up on the treadmill I thought I’d take the opportunity to take a quick video to have a look.

I’m not really sure what style I’ve got, but it’s how I run… I kind of land mid foot (I think).

I’m more impressed with the super bounce flex deck on my running machine…BONG, BONG , BONG!

Here’s the video for consumption – be warned contains moving images some may find offensive 😉

PS – check out my new trainers 😀 oh and I did another 2 miles.


~ by joggerblogger on February 25, 2007.

3 Responses to “Running video”

  1. Is that a treadmill or a trampoline? That looks well bouncy!

    Congratulations as well on your blogday. I thought you started your blog before me, I started my blog on 26 Jan but forgot to celebrate the annniversary 🙂

  2. Didn’t look like 2 miles to me and is that an ankle bracelet your wearing?

  3. Yeah it’s well bouncy – sucks up all the pain.

    Cheers for the blogday greetings/

    Yeah hit the fast forward and its was 2 miles 😉 not really, did the little film – stopped the camera then restarted.

    Not an ankle bracelet just my ninja running socks…


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