Did a 4 miler yesterday lunchtime and another 4 today. 🙂

Sorry it’s been blogger lite at the moment – but it’s due to the fact that cancer sucks!

He was meant to go in Friday for his last stop over chemo session. But they didn’t have a bed so it was rearranged for Monday. He had been complaining of a pain in his shoulder and Friday he was in agony with it and it carried on hurting all weekend. The cause of the pain… a lump that is getting bigger and bigger.

Fast forward to Monday just gone, and he was admitted to hospital for his chemo. When I got there after work everyone was trying not to cry. Turns out that the lump in his neck/shoulder looks like it is cancer…B*STARD!

So instead of celebrating his last hit of hospital chemo we now have the sh*ty waiting game to play all over again. It’s not fair!

Every time it seems things are starting to look up it turns sh*t. When he completed his prostate treatment and it was gone we should have been able to celebrate – but no, we were told he had stomach cancer. After he had his stomach removed they told us it had spread to his lymph system. And now after 6 months of hardcore chemo we should be planning holidays – but no, thanks Big C we can’t.

Life stinks sometimes…


~ by joggerblogger on February 22, 2007.

5 Responses to “4+4”

  1. Cancer’s a b*stard 😦

  2. Yeup…pants! How’s you mate doing?

  3. She’s ok thanks. She’s on some tablets that make her hyper and she wants to go out all the time, says she’s got a better social life now than she ever did 🙂

  4. It’s cruel.

  5. 😦 Rubbish mate. Sorry to hear that.

    It’s Friday tomorrow if that makes you feel any better… 🙂

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