Better late than never

Guest post from Preston about his Monday lunch time run.

The Jogger Blogger Tour.

  • Marvel at the bird-flu ridden geese and mangled shopping trolleys in the dirty pond.
  • Be amazed by the dingy grey buildings and boarded up windows.
  • Inhale a lung-full of premium Carbon Monoxide and hallucinate wildly as you stagger for miles down the A52.
  • Meet the locals as they steal your trainers and stab you with syringes in badly lit underpasses.
  • See a lot of people wearing sportswear (but not playing much sport) as they walk through the streets drinking premium lager and abusing their teenage wife.

Take the Jogger Blogger Tour today… you’ll appreciate where you live much, much more.


~ by joggerblogger on January 31, 2007.

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