Time for a cuppa…

Preston is a genius.

At work we are not allowed to have a kettle in the studio (health and safety issues). But no one wants to cough up 40p every time the urge for a cup of tea arises, epically when we probably drink around 4 a day. The solution is to go up 2 flights of stairs and get a tray of hot waters from the canteen (as hot water is free) and brew our own back in safety of the agency.

The trouble is many of the tea swiggers are always “too busy” to go and get hot water when it’s their turn. Preston put his mind to this little conundrum once before and started “Tea Club“, which was basically a rota for a weeks worth of water fetching – but this fell flat on it’s face after 2 weeks.

But the boy genius has come up with an awesome new solution…

Celebrity Big Brewer

It’s simple- At the start of each day one person is chosen as the host, they send an e-mail to everyone who wants a cuppa listing the names of all the “Big Brewer” tea club contestants. Once everyone has received said e-mail, all that is left to do is to reply with the person who you want to fetch the hot waters.

🙂 simple.

The person who gets chosen to get the teas in is automatically immune for the next round of water fetching and is responsible for sending out the next e-mail.

There’s a few simple rules to Big Brewer.

1 – No discussing nominations, if you get caught doing this you have to get the next tray of water.
2 – The water has to fetched with in 3 minutes of the competition closing.
3 – In the event of a tie, the contestants names are re e-mailed until a winner is chosen.
4 – No fixing – cheats never prosper.
5 – No one contestant is allowed to fetch water more than twice in one day.

If you’ve ever argued about fetching the drinks at work, you may want to play.

PS always remember to only reply to the sender of the e-mail (don’t hit reply all by mistake).


~ by joggerblogger on January 19, 2007.

2 Responses to “Time for a cuppa…”

  1. Love it! I would have lifelong immunity though, I don’t drink tea 🙂

  2. Classic! Tell Preston I’m glad he used to always nominate himself! 🙂

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