Lunchtime jog take 2

The office was buzzing as I announced the fact that I was heading out for my lunchtime jaunt around skanksville, even the Prestonator broke his “only run once a week” rule to come out with me. Why? because news of the flasher had spread fast, and they all wanted to know if I would have a repeat showing of the phantom knob jockey…

Sorry, we didn’t… just 4 miles of running in to the wind. How comes the wind never seems to be behind you but always pushing you backwards as you struggle up hill.


Flashers: none
Miles: 4
Preston’s: 1
Wind: 50mph (well roughly)


~ by joggerblogger on January 11, 2007.

4 Responses to “Lunchtime jog take 2”

  1. Ah well, maybe your new friend will be out to play tomorrow 😉

  2. Yeah I hope so, you can’t beat a bit of flashing at lunch time.

  3. Darn, I was hoping for pictures!

  4. yeah i kind of had my hopes up 😉 oh well maybe next time heh?

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