I Hate Monday

Preston 2007
Originally uploaded by jogger164.

After hardly any sleep last night the alarm clock went off at “stay in bed” o’clock. Looked out the window to be greeted with a miserable minging morning, grey and wet. Packed my running kit and headed out for work. The drive to work was a bl**dy nightmare – some idiots had managed to create a pile up on the motorway meaning it only took 1.5 hours to get in today (I only live 25miles away).

The weather didn’t improve all morning and the lunchtime run looked like it would be rather moist. I did have a laugh though in the form of Preston, he had only brought a thin long sleeve blouse to wear 😀 haha! Kids today. We headed out for a lunchtime run, and put in a brisk 4 miles. It was that kind of cold rain that makes your head hurt but gives you an instant face lift.

On a side note – JogBlog said that she was watching Celebrity Big Brother so I gave it another try… Can I please have an hour of life back. It has to be the worse line-up that they have ever had. One question… Jermaine Jackson, or should I say Muhammad Abdul Aziz – what is going on with his hair?


~ by joggerblogger on January 8, 2007.

4 Responses to “I Hate Monday”

  1. Aarrgghh, now you’ve completely ruined what little street cred I had; you’ve told the whole world I watch CBB 🙂

  2. i hate running in the cold…makes my head feel like it is bleeding from the inside 😦

  3. I bet you’re watching it now 🙂

    running in the cold hurts 🙂 and you can’t beat the running nose.

  4. I’m not watching it now, I am now upstairs commenting on your blog 😉

    Ok, it’s just finished… 🙂

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