Well that’s Christmas over…

The fastest Christmas breaks ever. Got down south yesterday ok, a few traffic jams but nothing major. Did a quick 3 miler for funHad then a cheeky whisky coffee – followed by a red wine, YUM! Then we got a phone call. 😦

Dad’s been rushed back into hospital as he has got high temperature and no immune system to fight it. But the reason he has a high temperature is a bit grim… the tube that he has in to his gut to feed him looks like it has slipped and he has been pumping liquid food stuff straight in to his body…not good! Also if this is the case he will need an operation to sort it all out (and being xmas no surgeons are around at the moment).

He has had a load of test; they have taken him off chemo and put him on antibiotics.

Fingers and legs crossed all goes well. It never rains eh!


~ by joggerblogger on December 24, 2006.

One Response to “Well that’s Christmas over…”

  1. Oh Shit…

    Big hugs to you all



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