It’s proper cold!

Man it’s dropped cold! Did a 4 miler in the frosty fog – Yum!

Well tired today – the small person has been running a temp since Saturday and hasn’t been able to sleep Monday and Tuesday because of coughing and being sick (so that means we can’t either). Went to the Dr’s to find out that the fault lies with Asthma 😦 that’s why it seems the last year has been a new cold/flu every month. It’s hammering the small ones lungs so we got some drugs to help…

Hopefully they will kick in and we all can get a little sleep.


~ by joggerblogger on December 20, 2006.

2 Responses to “It’s proper cold!”

  1. I feel your pain brother! Asthma can be a real pain. Hopefully the drugs will work quickly and peace will return to the Jogger Blogger household!

  2. It has got really cold, just after I’d been telling people who don’t live nearby that it’s been unseasonably warm, now they think I’m a liar 🙂

    Sorry your daughter’s got asthma, but probably best that you know why she keeps getting colds/chest infections?

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