Push the button.

If I turn left at the bottom of the lane (which nine times out of ten I do) the first half mile of my run is straight up hill. This morning I did turn left, and thought to myself “I wonder how fast I can run this stretch” – bear in mind the following:

1 – I hate the first mile of any run.
2 – It had taken me at least an hour to convince myself to actually get my arse out the door
3 – It was dark and cold.

So I took a deep breath and run for all I was worth. As I got to the top of the hill and turned down the main road (which is pretty flat for a mile) I couldn’t wait to see what time I had made… BUMMER!! I hadn’t pushed the start button on my Garmin… Idiot!

The rest of my run was pretty dull, apart from someone’s dog having a go at me – and meeting the miserable Sunday runner women. They are two of the most sour faced women ever, they never say hello or thank you.

Today I saw them jogging towards me, so I stepped into the road so they could carry on running side by side – not even a nod! I’ll get ‘em back next week – the parish council have put a few new dog sh*t bins around the village and they are already over full, I think I lay the old girls a bagged surprise finishing line J


~ by joggerblogger on December 17, 2006.

One Response to “Push the button.”

  1. Don’t get out of their way next time, just steamroller through them 🙂

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