Today was a longish run day. Got up and put on my kit, but it took me another hour to convince myself to leave the house – man it’s gotten cold.

Had a good run though, managed to do 6.5 miles in just over an hour. I’m trying to get back into it slowly this week and head out full pelt next week. When I got back home though my calf was killing me, so I’ve iced it and stretched it and sprayed it with deep heat (turning my leg lobster red). Hopefully it will ease off, I think it is just my body telling me to stay in and do something else instead of running 😉

My iPod shuffle came with me today naked for the first time ever. Not me (I wouldn’t wish that on anyone first thing on a Sunday morning) but the shuffle. The reason for this is that the protective case uses a extension cable for the headphones – this has gone dodgy for some reason meaning that I can’t use the case I’ll have to look out for one, but seeing how the new mini shuffle is out now I won’t hold my breath.

Went shopping yesterday and brought myself a hat. The woman in the shop said it made me look like kid rock, I’m not sure if that’s a good or a bad thing… but at least I’ve got a warm head and a change from mu usual winter choice of beanies 🙂


~ by joggerblogger on November 12, 2006.

5 Responses to “Brrrrrr!”

  1. It’s warm here today, weird weather 🙂

    I took my new shuffle out for a run this morning up to the gym. I love my new shuffle. Where’s the pic of the new hat? 🙂

  2. Great stuff. Came across your blog after doing a search on BritBlog. Will be back 🙂


  3. If my shuffle dies due to exposure I’m getting a small one like yours 🙂 Have you lost it yet? it’s the size of a stamp.

    I’ll get a pic of the hat 🙂

    Hi Mr P.Hill – just checked out your blog – loved the 10 cutest kittens, not kid friendly either 😉

  4. No, I haven’t lost it yet. It really is tiny, I wasn’t expecting it to be that small 🙂

    I was expecting to see some kittens 😦

    Like these ones

  5. Cold?! You should try being a penguin – they huddle each other to keep warm in the winter when it gets to -50 degrees… :o|

    You could always ask Santa for a new shuffle for Christmas. 🙂

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