Out in the old girls again…

Another lunchtime run – 5k in 26mins 🙂 I think this is the fastest time I’ve done it in.

Well the patient is back home and so far so good 🙂 He is managing to eat and even drink a little! Must be the gross food and warm milk that the serve up in hospitals. So fingers crossed he should put a little weight back on in the next 2 weeks before he has to have the next load of chemo (he lost about 3/4 of a stone last week).

Holiday update…ERROR! We have been waiting for our tickets etc to arrive (bear in mind we paid for the holiday in full about 2 months ago). They still hadn’t arrived yesterday so I rang the travel company and was assured that they had been sent on the 6th and would be with us soon. When I got off the phone I checked the date on my computer – hold on it’s the 12th! Rang them straight back – Oh! We will send you duplicate documents out today, but the only ones we can’t send are your Disney Passes. The new documents arrived this morning – but now we have the joy of queuing at the airport in Florida once we arrive to be re-issued our theme park tickets, just what you want after 12hours travelling.

I’d like to know what’s happening to our letters – my Visa bill went missing this month as well! Something smells!

Anyway – hope you all have a good weekend.


~ by joggerblogger on October 13, 2006.

6 Responses to “Out in the old girls again…”

  1. Well done on your speedy 5k 🙂

    Why is someone stealing your post? Or have our seriously incompetent posties moved up your way?

  2. Yeah or post person has changed recently…

    The visa one meant that we missed the payment and had to pay fines etc BUMMER!

    You out running this weekend?

  3. 😦

    I’ll try to force myself out tomorrow morning, don’t know why I’m being so lazy. I think someone’s been murdered over the marshes though. I’ve seen from the train that a policeman’s been standing by a sealed up bridge over there for the last three days. I’ll have to investigate.

  4. Sounds grim around your way – no wonder that you always seem to run your fastest times over the marshes 😉

  5. It’s not that grim, quite lucky to have so much greenery outside my door considering I’m in East London although you may have a point about the fastest times/marshes thing 🙂

  6. Good work on the runaway 5k sprinternator! 😉

    Just what you don’t need though – missing travel docs… at least you can blame the travel company and maybe even try and claim compensation if something else goes wrong… well it’s worth a try anyway!

    Was supposed to be going to a party myself tonight but it got cancelled so it’s an excuse to hit the gym tomorrow afternoon I think. 🙂

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