New Trainers 2 – Feet & Ankles 0

Today is going to be a forced rest day 😦

Got up in the night because my right ankle is killing me… I think it’s the evil new trainers fault! I’m going to rest until it stops hurting then have a run in both pairs of trainers and see who’s to blame. If it is the new ‘uns they will be going back to sweatshop 🙂

I’ve been told I’m not allowed to hurt my ankle for 2 reasons.
1 – It’s bargain hunt filming day tomorrow.
2 – It’s only just over a week until we go to Florida 😛


~ by joggerblogger on October 10, 2006.

7 Responses to “New Trainers 2 – Feet & Ankles 0”

  1. Sounds like two very good reasons not to hurt your ankle!

  2. Bring on the Bargains! 🙂

  3. Are you going to wear your pirate costume for the filming? 🙂

  4. That would be cool – but we have to wear BARGAIN HUNT FLEECES :-/

  5. Um, I’m sure you’ll both look very nice 🙂

  6. Yeah real nice 🙂 LOL! We ordered size small – so we can do a “hulk” pose 😛

  7. Skin tight 😉

    How did it go?! Can’t wait to see what drab you’ve picked up! Haha……

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