My day…

Well today was a rush of emotions.

An abridged version of my day:

Did 4.1 miles around the village – it went ok, but my legs seemed a little tired.

Simons funeral.
It went as well as these things go, but it seemed really rubbish being at a funeral for such a young person. Going to miss you big lad 😦

Chemo – take 3.
Dad’s back in hospital tonight having his next lot of chemicals pumped into his body. Hope it goes ok. Had to pop to hospital straight after the funeral instead of going to the wake.

Bargain hunt.
Mobile phone call from the BBC – Preston and I are going to be on 😀 we film next week. LOL!

Back to the hospital to pick up the visitors…and now a quick blast on the internet whilst dinner is in the other.

All in all – odd day.

Ps I forgot to put taking the small person to school and work as well.


~ by joggerblogger on October 3, 2006.

3 Responses to “My day…”

  1. Wow, what a day, from one extreme to the other and everything in between. Hope you have a relaxing evening.

    Will look forward to seeing you on Bargain Hunt 🙂

    (I’ll have to confess now that I’ve never actually seen Bargain Hunt and don’t know what it is but I could hazard a guess that it involves a) hunting and b) bargains, although not necessarily in that order.)

  2. Yeah bit of an odd one today :-/

    Bargain hunt = we get £350 to spend on 3 items at an antique fair, against another team. Then go to an auction, whoever makes the most money or loses the least, wins.

    We are bound to win 🙂 well maybe not!

    But it should be a laugh.

  3. Bargain Hunt!

    Is that the one with David Prickinson? Maybe: “Bargain… a word rhyming with ‘hunt” would be more apt if he’s presenting – I’m not too keen!

    Good luck though, I’m looking forward to seeing you on it. Lemme know when you’re going to be on! Who’s idea was it? 😛

    It’s 4.50am as I write this,

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