I went down to an event at “sweat shop” yesterday to buy some new trainers as they had a 15% discount all day . When I got there the place was buzzing. Ron Hill was there to go running with a group of eager whippets. I said “hello” to him and made my way to the shop assistant.

The trouble is the trainers felt alright in the shop, well as ok as new trainers do. But when I got home and tried them on properly I realised that they are rubbish. So sometime this week I’ve got to trek back over to the shop on the other side of Nottingham… BUM!

Today’s run should have been the virgin voyage of my new trainers, but I left them in the box and put my faithful New balance boys on. We headed out for a final Sunday jaunt around the village and managed to spank a 6.5 miler (ok I know I should have done 5 but don’t tell Mr Higdon).

It rained most of the time and I got soaked by a woman driving a Land Rover – but my iPod kept me company and carried me around with the dulcet tones of the Kooks and Dj Format.

The stats are below – it was a slow one today, I’m fighting the cold that my daughter and everyone at work seems hell bent on giving me.

A big-up going out to my mate Jamie! He texted me to tell me he finished the GREAT NORTH in 1.30mins, Rocket Man!

The rest of the day has been messing around finishing our costumes for our upcoming trip to Disney World in Florida – we are going to the “Not so scary Halloween party” which looks like fun, I’m going as Mr Jack Sparrow and the girls are fully Tinkerbelled up… If I can, I’ll post a picture later of me in my wig (LOL!) my beard is doing my head in now, I’ve been growing it for a month and a half.

Well that’s about all – apart from the interview to be on Bargain Hunt seemed to go well – and Preston and I will find out tomorrow 🙂

A few stats:

Distance 6.5 mile
Heart stats AVG 146bpm – MAX 169bpm
Temperature wet


~ by joggerblogger on October 1, 2006.

One Response to “Sunday”

  1. Looking forward to the wig pic and seeing you on Bargain Hunt 🙂

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