It’s minging outside…

Rain, rain go away… oh, wait a minute wasn’t I moaning that it was too hot last month 😉

I really didn’t want to drag my sorry ass out of the door this lunchtime for a run, but after a lucozade sport (I’ve not really had one before) I bit the bullet and went out. I’m glad I did I had a wicked 11K run, I’m not sure if it was the lucozade but I seemed to have loads of energy – which made a nice change.

Well it’s 4 weeks today before the Robinhood – so it’s all systems go ( I think I ran 6 days last week)



~ by joggerblogger on August 13, 2006.

3 Responses to “It’s minging outside…”

  1. We’ve had rain all day, it’s freezing too, I’m tempted to put the heating on but it’s August and to put the heating on would be just wrong!

    4 weeks today? I take it you’re not going out to get hammered the Saturday night before then 😉

    I’ve got my registration pack for a 5k on 23 September, it’s on a Saturday morning so I’m going to have to be good the Friday before 🙂

    My race number is 6, I really hope there’s going to be more than 5 other people running, don’t fancy my chances of not being last out of 6 people!

  2. LOL! i bet theres going to be 7 people! 😛

    Last year I did just what you said – I was in London on the Friday for a launch Party (free bar) and it wasn’t the best thing to do, then we followed it up on the Saturday. I’m not doing that again…

    Yeah, it’s cold – I had to wear a jacket runnning!

  3. And there was me thinking you’d been on the lime&soda’s that night! 😉

    We put the heating on friday, or at least we tried. It had broken! So we fiddled around with the thermostat, nothing. 4am Saturday and the damn thing comes on magically, house is like a sauna! It’s become a temperamental little thing so we’re gonna have to fix it for a likely cold September. Saying that it’s slightly warmer today. 🙂

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